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Do you do pasture only boarding ?

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

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Retirement Horse Boarding Chino Hills, California

No we do not. Horses in a pasture may not get along which can lead to injuries. We like to keep a close eye on our retires. It is harder to spot injuries as horses are not always looked over each day in pasture. Horses have less protection in bad hot or cold wet weather. It is difficult to monitor feed intake in a pasture, so we perfer to keep our retirees happy and healthy.

All of our horses get regular turnouts in one of our three large irrigated pastures, we offer individually bedded stalls and three meals a day plus carrots. We also dispense owner-provided supplements. We feed quality alfalfa hay (not cubes or pellets), and use quality shavings for bedding. Caring, cautious handling of horses is of high priority at our facility where the owners live on site and watch over the operation. Contact us today for a tour of our beautiful ranch.


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