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Retirement Horse Boarding Ranch 

Our ranch specialty is providing a retreat for retired horses, lay ups, and performance horses in the off-season. Chino Hills Horse Boarding Stables welcomes horses from all disciplines. Chino Hills.


We focus mainly on retired horses and lay ups to ensure we are meeting our customers' expectations and the needs of the horses in our care. We of course welcome regular boarding. We are personally involved in the operation of the farm and care of your horse.  We firmly believe in a natural approach to horse care.  


Our Retired Horse Boarding Philosophy


* Please note we do not board in pasture. Horses can be turned out five days a week, but each horse is boarded in its own stall for their safety and comfort.

We believe that the most stress free world for horses is one that most closely mirrors their natural environment. Horses were not meant to spend 23 hours a day in stalls. In the wild, horses roam free and bond together with their herd, which is what they do here too! All of our horses receive daily turnouts in pastures in compatible groups.

Chino Horse Boarding Stables offers a knowledgeable and safe environment for the retired equine. The senior horse has a whole new set of issues that the mature horse does not. Their physiology differs just as the elderly human does. Therefore, senior horses have special needs for their aging bodies.

They often have teeth problems and or tooth losses. They do not drink as much as they probly should. They tend take longer to eat and do not fight for their food in a mixed herd. They need more calories in cold weather to maintain their body heat. They also need equine supplements in their feed as they do not metabolize their nutrients as well as a younger or mature horse. They are more prone to colic due to less water intake and slowing of digestion the stomach due to age.

Their socialization needs are also different. In a mixed herd, the older senior horse can be driven away from the herd. The herd sees the senior horse as a threat to the general safety of the herd, so the younger horses instinctively drive them away from the herd, could lead to death of the older senior retired and weaker horses.

Chino Horse Boarding has a wonderful program to ensure the safe and productive retirement of the aging horses. All of our horses have their own stall and paddock for their safety and wellbeing. They are given extra time to eat in private.  We work with our clients and veterinarian to construct a feeding program that will allow them the extra calories they require to maintain their body weight. Senior  equines are turned out together. Turning out is vital to increase the digestion and keep the intestinal system healthy.

Chino Hills Horse Boarding knows that we cannot keep them forever, but we can make their last years as comfortable and as healthy as possible. Please feel free to tour our facility. We always have a healthy ranch of retired horses and happy owners.

Horses are grazing animals and were meant to live primarily on forage. Southern California is blessed with a mild climate, fertile soils, and abundant rainfall that ensures good grass for most of the year. Our horses can comfortably graze and nibble outdoors in turnouts all year round with minimal blanketing which closely resembles their natural environment. This creates a natural stress free living situation for a happy healthy horse to help save on costly equine veterinary bills.

Retirement Boarding

At Chino Hills Horse Boarding Stables, we pride ourselves on providing the best retirement boarding options for your horse. Our equine boarding facility welcomes all breeds, sizes, and ages. Our residents enjoy free turnouts and are fed three times a day to promote optimal healthy digestion. We believe in treating each horse with the utmost care and respect. Come meet our happy and healthy residents today!

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Golden Years 

We specialize in the care of retired horses, ensuring that their "Golden Years" are happy. We also offer boarding for non-retirees as well 

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Specializing  In
Equine Retirement 


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