Retirement Horse Boarding Ranch

Our ranch specialty is providing a retreat for retired horses, lay ups, and performance horses in the off-season. Chino Hills Horse Boarding Stables welcomes horses from all disciplines - pleasure, dressage, jumpers, companion, racing, polo, dressage, barrel racers, or steeplechase. Chino Hills Horse Boarding Stables offers convenient and affordable layover horse boarding in Southern California.   

** Please note we do not board in pasture. Horses can be turned out five days a week, but each horse is boarded in its own stall for their safety and comfort.

We focus on retired horses and lay ups to ensure we are meeting our customers' expectations and the needs of the horses in our care. We are personally involved in the operation of the farm and care of your horse.  We firmly believe in a natural approach to horse care.  

Our Retired Horse Boarding Philosophy

We take our responsibility in providing board for your retired horses seriously. We see it more as providing care than just providing board. 

We believe that the most stress free world for horses is one that most closely mirrors their natural environment. Horses were not meant to spend 23 hours a day in stalls. In the wild, horses roam free and bond together with their herd, which is what they do here too! All of our horses receive daily turnouts in pastures in compatible groups.

Horses are grazing animals and were meant to live primarily on forage. Southern California is blessed with a mild climate, fertile soils, and abundant rainfall that ensures good grass for most of the year. Our horses can comfortably graze outdoors in turnouts all year round with minimal blanketing which closely resembles their natural environment. This creates a natural stress free living situation for a happy healthy horse to help save on costly equine veterinary bills.

Chino Hills is an affluent Los Angeles suburb located in the southwestern corner of San Bernardino County, California. The city borders Los Angeles County on its northwest side, Orange County to its south, and Riverside County to its southeast. 

We specialize in the care of retired horses, ensuring that their "Golden Years" are happy. We also offer boarding for non-retirees as well as beginner to intermediate lessons. Please contact us for rates and availability.


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